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 ardumower android

The Ardumower can be controlled via your phone (Anrdoid). On the phone, you'll need the App 'pfodApp'.


Alternatively, you can use the App "ArduRemote".


The phone menu includes:
- Status information (battery voltage, charging current etc.)
- Settings (Timer etc.)
- Remote control (Start/Stop, Switching on/off mower motor, blade modulation etc.)

pfodapp menu


Bluetooth module
On the robot, you'll need a Bluetooth module. Depending on the desired range, you can use different Bluetooth classes:

Bluetooth class 2 (up to approx. 50m range), e.g. HC03/04/05/06

bluetooth2     HC-05 schematics

Bluetooth class 1 (up to approx. 100m range), e.g. BTM220, requires additional circuit



see schematics

Important: While many modules can be operated by +5V, many of them do not have a '5V tolerant' RX pin! This means your module may work but not for a long time -  Solution is to add an additional "signal level conversion"-circuit  (see schematics).

Android first time use
On the Android device, choose symbol "Settings" (via Android menu). Now choose  "Wirless and Networks->Bluetooth Settings" and "Find device". Finally, choose "pair with this device" and enter your pin (very often "1234"). The Bluetooth module should now appear as "paired".

Setting the baud rate

Blueooth module and Arduino Mega must use the same baud rate - The baud rate of the BT module can be changed via serial console - enter the serial console in the Arduino IDE, and choose baud rate 19200, then choose 'd' to enter the menu.
Alternatively, keep the factory baud rate of the module and try out different baud rates in the robot config (PFOD_BAUDRATE), e.g. 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200.
Last but not least, there's also an additional external BT module configuration tool (see here).

Menü-DEMO (v0.8.8)

video  Menu DEMO (v0.8.6)

video  Tutorial Video


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