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As a motivation, here you can see some examples for a commercial chassis that you could use for this project (Tianchen, Denna, Supoman, Ambrogio, FriendlyRobotics, Gardena, Husqvarna, Bosch, Viking, ... ). You can find chassis of older robots on eBay. The robot's original electronics can be damaged as you'll use the new 'Ardumower' electronics for it.

FriendlyRobotics Robomow RL350

rl350 top  rl350 bottom

Wheel: 2 x motors 24V (brushed)
Mower: 3 x motors 24V, 5800rpm (brushed)
Size: 89x66x32cm (LBH)

Denna L600

denna top  denna bottom

Wheel: 2 x motors 24V, 22W (brushed)
Mower: 1 x motor 24V, 3200rpm (brushed)
Size: 62x49x30cm (LBH)

Ambrogio L50

Ambrogio L50 Top 

Wheels: 2 x motors 24V (brushed)
Mower: 1 x motor 24V, 120W, 4000rpm (brushed)
Size: 41x33x20cm (LBH)
Special feature: 4-wheel-drive (4WD) via belts

Supoman SPM08-320


Wheels: 2 x Motor 24V, 25W (brushed)
Mower: 3 x Motor 24V, 130W, 6000rpm (brushed)
Size: 59x58x23cm (LBH)

Tianchen TC-G158

Tianchen robot mower   tianchen bottom

Wheels: 2 x motors 24V (brushed)
Mower: 2 x motors 24V, 82W, 5000rpm (brushed)
Size: 56x51x25cm (LBH)

Ideas for an Ardumower-Chassis (in development/planning)
ardumower ideas 1  ardumower ideas 2ardumower ideas 3  Ardumower explosionszeichnung

Wheels: 2 x Motor
Mower: 1 x Motor
Size: 64x40x25cm (LBH)

More details on the Ardumower Chassis can be found here.