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Everyone knows them, some already have one: a robotic lawn mower! You can purchase them, sometimes they are ‘intelligent’, sometimes they are simply silly. Very often, they are missing an important piece: adding your own ideas to the robot’s ‘brain’. That’s the idea of this project (’Ardumower’): Making a DIY robot mower. If you don't own an Ardumower robot mower yet, you can purchase one via our shop. Detailed instructions can be found in our Building manual.

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video   Video: Introduction
   Video: Assembly (all parts can be purchased via our shop)
video  Video: Ardumower at the Maker Fair

How does everything fit together? Here's a quick overview of the components that is described in more detail in the project articles. Click on the photo to go into the Building manual.

ardumower overview

How far has this project gone already? 1000 members have registered to the Ardumower forum already! At first, it was just ideas for the selection of electronic components for a simple, modular robot mower system including motor driver, sensors and microcontroller. Meanwhile, the project has developed an universal controller software (based on Arduino). If you don't own an Ardumower yet, we have created an Ardumower Chassis (including motors, electronics etc.) for you available via our shop. There is also a forum available where you can input your own ideas/suggestions. The Arduino code can be downloaded in the Building manual.

What are the features of the Ardumower?

  • Everything is open, everything is explained in detail, everything can be changed - it's up to you!
  • Easy-to-assemble chassis
  • Powerful gear motors and mower motor
  • Wireless configuration, monitoring, debugging of your robot mower via Bluetooth (Android App)
  • Mowing programs: random, lane-by-lane mowing using a map (in development)
  • Robot dimension (L/B/H): 60x36x25cm
  • Robot total weight: approx 9 kg (including all components - motors, battery, PCB etc.)
  • Adjustable mower motor height
  • Mowing motor: 24V DC, 3150 rpm
  • Mowing disc: 190mm diameter, 3 blades
  • Wheels: 250mm diameter
  • Gear motors: 2 x DC 24V planetary drive, 33 rpm, 2.45 Nm, with integrated encoders
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 29.4V
  • Obstacle detection via motor current
  • Optional: perimeter wire, intelligent bumper sensor, ultrasonic-sensor, GPS, IMU, charging station, model R/C control, positioning system via camera or UWB (in development)

More details can be found in the Building manual.

Why did we create this project? We did create this project because we think robotics should be open and this includes robotic mowers as well.

Objectives of the project:

  • low-cost, ready-made components
  • Little soldering - easy programming
  • only the minimum of components (keep it simple!)
  • detailed instructions for building
  • offering an electronics kit (ready 'Ardumower PCB kit') for purchasing
  • offering a robot chassis with all motors etc. for purchasing ('Ardumower Chassis')
  • free, open-source Arduino-Code for download

Wait - but isn't this project too complicate for me? This project is not more complicate than e.g. other mid-size Arduino projects. If you like to try out new things, then this project is the right one for you. You might learn new things and you'll see that everything is much easier than you thought - at the moment when your robot mower is mowing for the first time!

Why should I use the suggested hardware (chassis, motors, electronics)?
It is recommended to use the suggested components (chassis, motors, electronics) because hardware and software has to match. Also, that is the only way we can provide optimal support for you. All components can be purchased in our shop.  Building instructions can be found in the Building manual.

video   Video: "Demo of the motors"  (all parts can be purchased via our shop)

chassis front       chassis exploded

Great, but how can I start?
We have written a building manual that describes all steps.

Questions / Help / Ideas / Discussion? We are sure you have questions (and we are already waiting for them) - there will be help in the forum! You can find the forum at the top left navigation bar of this website. Please register to post to the forum ('Login->Create an account').

You want to participate in the project development?
You know something about mircocontrollers, sensors etc.? Then the Ardumower 'development group' is waiting for you! We look forward to share your knowledge with us. Interesting topics are just waiting being solved by you (e.g. position detection via Lidar, UWB, stereo camera).

Ardumower standard is not fancy enough? Then you may get ideas by some interesting Ardumower projects (project details can be found in the forum):
ardumower examples

Click here to participate in the Ardumower survey...

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