With the ArduMower GPS RTK system, a perimeter wire is no longer required. Mowing by map, simple and flexible.

Mow the lawn in lanes, without perimeter wire and without chaos principle!

Thanks to the GPS / RTK system, the ArduMower navigates cm-pricse in your garden. Create a map with the Ardumower App, choose a mowing pattern and off you go. Eliminate obstacles flexibly and easily.

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One board - all possibilities

Whether you want to operate your ArduMower cm exactly with the RTK / GPS system or the classic perimeter loop, one board - all options.

So you can switch to a different principle at any time.

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One project, one board and many options. From classic mowing with a perimeter wire to a GPS-controlled mower without a perimeter cable, the choice is yours!

Lawn robots are now abundant on the market. The ArduMower has what you lack. The freedom to individually adapt your robot to your own needs.

Decide for yourself what your ArduMower can do, how it looks. The possibilities are huge.

Save money and protect the environment! Why should you buy a new board or even a new robot lawn mower because of a 3 cent electrical resistor? Wasted money and more electronics scrap. There is another way. Publish schematics, cheap spare parts and a large community to help with problems.

Start your ArduMower project now! If you have any questions, please use our FAQ.

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